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Having your own technical team is a luxury often beyond the budget of challenger brands; that's why we're on-hand to help you when you need it.


Hyde-Hart Consulting is your outsourced technical team.


Between myself and my network of expert consultants, our technical knowledge in food and drink is vast and deep, with more than 100 years’ experience from every corner of the food and drink industry. We're able to advise your brand on crucial development issues, including:

  • Sourcing, supplier and manufacturer selection

  • Food safety

  • Labelling and packaging 

  • Sustainable packaging design and recycling

  • Manufacturing standards


  • Allergen work - identification, reduction and removal

  • SALSA or BRC accreditation

  • Product sevelopment

  • Logistics & supply chains

  • New launch/new retailer planning


Many small brands know they need help but aren’t sure where to start. Rather than an all-encompassing brief, the best starting point is often an open and frank conversation about your business, your ambitions and your challenges. It's important for us to see the bigger picture before we dive in.

We work closely with you to understand your needs, timelines and budgets before we then agree a brief. For clients in the early stages of an idea when changes are inevitable, we can work in phases giving you ultimate control over scope, cost and time.


When an unexpected technical issue arises, it needs a quick response from an expert. That’s where our team come in; with help and advice available over the phone.


Our Technical Help Service where our members will receive an answer based on the urgency of their requests within 4, 24 or 48hrs. There's also the option of further technical support on a project basis where required.

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